PINA Bike Bags


Creating a product is the challenge to bring function, sensual joy and sustainablity into form. This resulted in a innovative, high-quality bike bag. It is flexible, modular and perfect for travelling. Still, you can leave it on the bike day and night in any weather. Each bag is produced by hand in our Berlin based atelier.


The bag consists of very durable outdoor mesh which gives it a beutiful structure meanwhile. To stabilize the bag we add two colourful belt tapes and strengthen the sews with another tape inside. A third coloured tape is enclosed to lash down the bag above when filled with luggage.


You can hang the bag on your bike’s luggage rack and additionally fix it below if needed. Since water is running through the cloth you can leave the bag permanently on the bike. If you don’t need it you can roll it together and fix it with a simple velcro fastener. At the same time you can easily unhitch the bag and take it with you for shopping holding it on its confortable strap.



We design and produce all bags in our Berlin based Atelier in Kreuzberg  constantly searching for meaningful textile technologies and colours to shape a gentle Synthesis of nature and design.



While aiming for a sustainable value added we are experimenting with different materials. We currently use outdoor mesh and different tapes while researching on recycled cotton mesh to be coated with wax.



My name is Hannah Luise and I founded PINA in 2019. Next to sign language, music and aikido I love to create useful products in a slowmotion manner.